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Lifestyle family session with the baby

Beautiful Lifestyle family session with the newborn baby in Delft.

Now my youngest daughter is 4 yo, we don't have any baby stuff at home. I gave away a lot to my sister in law, brought to the second hand store, sold a strolly which served our 3 kids.

I keep very few baby clothes, first bodysuits (rompertjes) or a little bonnet my son got at the hospital when he was born.

Only things I would never give away are our photo albums. I often look into them, cherishing my heart, refreshing my memories. I can't believe how little they used to be.

My heart is melting, eyes are getting wet.

I'm certain that these albums will be becoming more and more valuable items in the years to come.

I'm certain, you too, will value the photographs, albums of your baby with the years more and more.

please visit my website, stated in my bio. Choose from your heart for your memories.


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