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Zwangerschap fotoshoot in Heempark Delft

Prachtige zwangerschap fotoshoot tijdens golden hour in Heempark Delft

Like a goddess ascend from heaven.

Expecting woman. Her womb is baking a new life.

The new beginning. Nine months of utter metamorphose. From a little seed to a tree. From the caterpillar to a butterfly. Womb birthing a new baby, the mother, the new possibilities.

Baby, the fruit of love. Begins to create her own story.

Giving birth is a creation of itself.

I loved being pregnant. (Not that it was easy though) It felt so sacred, beautiful and powerful, divine. I'm always in awe seeing a pregnant woman. I'm listening to her, hoping to hear her story. Knowing that there is an inner and divine wisdom hidden behind every and each of our stories.


Comfortable photoshoots at your home. Personal, warm and intime.


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