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let your soul shine

While I was preparing another blog post & an insta post, I started here and there but I wouldn't finish it. I wondered why, because I have so many ideas. But after all, I never dared to post anything. Well, almost never :) Always procrastinating and looking for other jobs to keep me busy.


Voices in my head of: there is already so much content, others know better, it is not safe to expose myself, my work, is it necessary to post on social media? All this..... because...... because of the feeling of NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Trying to be picture perfect.

to be a perfect picture

But when we were born, we didn't have these questions, hesitations, comparisons, reasons... because we just KNEW that we are already enough as we are. And that has never changed.

let our light shine

I understand somewhere that our purpose is to shine the divine light of our soul, where we all come from.

So here are some photos taken by my oldest daughter and I think they are perfect, they represent exactly how I perceive myself.

first things first

I had to write these thoughts first before I can continue with my story :) Maybe you find yourself there too :)


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