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A little girl's dreams are beautiful

This title was written by my youngest daughter at school. Prior to seeing this beautiful writing of hers I was thinking to myself about this topic. What a coincidence?

But really, how great are our children's dreams? 

What were you dreaming about when you were little?

When I was a child what was I dreaming about? I started to think about it and remember that I loved reading books and I wanted to become a writer myself. I loved watching our old pictures, mostly black and white. There were so few of them that time. No cameras, no phones. 

I was fascinated by these few photos and studied them literally. Each photo had a feeling, a story.

The thing was that for a very long time this kind of little girl dreaming was considered to be a waste of time. I was supposed to do useful things. For a long time I thought my daydreams were not welcome. In the grown ups world I have to be useful. 

Never stop dreaming

But now I'm sitting with my inner little girl and she is telling me: never stop dreaming, that is why you come here.

And I'm not going to laugh about her advice. I'm going to embrace her. And we'll be laughing in joy.

May your wish come true

It makes perfect sense to me that I became a photographer. It was my childhood dream.

Do you want to go on this dreamy journey with me? I'm happy to serve.


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