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Zwangerschap fotografie en lifestyle newborn fotografie Delft

On the scheduled day of photo shooting the weather wasn't particular good. Nevertheless we kept on the day and hour and went for life style in-home photo session! The light from the window was just perfect and natural to shoot this lovely mama to-be and even her husband and of course "big" brother were participating:)

Not a long time after this lovely session, the baby was born! He was born with 37 weeks of pregnancy due to the some complications but at the end everything was just great. And I had the honor to photograph this little sweet baby boy. He wanted to be cuddled all the time and of course, was always hungry :) We had the life style photo-shooting at his comfortable and safe home.

They are all doing fine now and mama doesn't want to believe anymore how little he used to be.

Luckily we captured these precious moments.

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