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When awarding an assignment to Erika Brouwer, the client accepts the following general terms and conditions.


An assignment is an agreement in which Erika Brouwer undertakes to the client to make and deliver photographic works. An assignment is established when the client agrees to Erika Brouwer's quotation.


Prepayment & booking fee

A booking fee of 150 Euro will be charged prior by booking the session and must be paid.


If the client cancels the order less than forty-eight hours before the agreed time, Erika Brouwer can charge fifty percent of the invoice amount.

Location of assignment


Photographic assignment for Newborn photo session is carried out at the customer's home.

For other assignments such as pregnancy photo shoot, a location is chosen in consultation, inside or outside.



After the photo session, Erika Brouwer places a selection of the photos taken in an online gallery that is only accessible to the client. These photos are edited by Erika Brouwer into the final product in the form of a digital file: the photographic work. 

Digital files are delivered to the client via WeTransfer.
Unedited photos are NOT made available to the client.
Printed matter is delivered to the customer by Post NL.


The invoice will be delivered after the photo session. Payment must be made within 7 days after the invoice date. The photographic works are delivered after payment has been made.

Usage License / Permission to Use

The client receives a limited user license for each photographic work. This means that the photo may only be used for private purposes. Commercial application is not allowed.

Image manipulation of the photographic work is not permitted.

Any use of a photographic work that has not been agreed is considered an infringement of Erika Brouwer's copyright.


The copyright on the photographic works rests with Erika Brouwer. This means that Erika Brouwer is the owner of the photographic works. She has the right to publish and reproduce her photographic works.
Therefore, Erika Brouwer has the right to use her photographic works for promotional purposes, such as posting on the website ,

Facebook photo page and

Instagram blog: 

Photographs use for brochures and exhibits.


Photographic images of Erika Brouwer are posted without mentioning names or addresses, anonymously. Photographic images are always placed with the logo of Erika Brouwer Photography.

Photography consent & release form 


The name of Erika Brouwer Photography must be clearly stated with a published photographic work.
In the case of digital copies, the client is obliged to ensure that the complete metadata - as made by Erika Brouwer as part of the digital file - is preserved.

If this condition is not met, Erika Brouwer will be entitled to compensation of one time the user license fee of 70 euros per photo as used by Erika Brouwer.

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